The Perfect Jumpsuit and Braids

This week I wanted to share this beautiful jumpsuit from @Minellis’ Closet. I loved this papaya color dress that I loved so much because of the perfect puffy sleeves and elegant fitting design. I am petite and this jumpsuit hides my legs which usually does not flatter my figure compared with a short dress yet I loved how comfortable I felt wearing it. I have been changing my fashion selections and now I am wearing these types of looks more often. I think it is a great opportunity to wear designs that give you a different and classy personality. Changing things up a bit of how you present yourself really has an effect on your personality. I am very Latina and love my fitting figure looks, but I have enjoyed trying more formal looks with the dresses from @Minellis Closet

that offer so much variety and exclusive designs to look like a million bucks! 

I am forever changing how I dress up and it is all about having fun in the process. I am really loving playing to be a girl. I feel my personality is a more sporty, simple no makeup kind of look. Yet, working on TV and modeling has pushed me to explore new things and despite the fact it has been a challenge, I feel I can enjoy being a girl more and help other women to find the better version of themselves. I am appreciative of the ladies in my life that always give me advice on what they do, so I am sharing with you the same love, so you can enjoy the little things in life that are part of being a woman. There is really so much to learn that hey take a page from my blog J to learn something new!

I know looking good is also about the entire selection of earrings, shoes, makeup, and hair. It is a lot of work, but you can make it simple so I thought it was a great opportunity to share with you a hair look I created in 5 minutes and I loved it so much. With this look, I paired it with the cutest braids from @bossiebeauty #bossiebraids. I absolutely loved them! They have different colors for any type of hair, my brown set was perfect for my hair color and they are offering a 10% discount with my code #BOSSTEFANI, so get your perfect braids to be on the go anytime and anywhere. I loved the elasticity they have to match your head size and wear them comfortably.  Hope you enjoy the photos below and get yourself ready to look in the best version possible. Let’s conquer the world, One Heel At A Time!

Las y Los amo!

Vamos conquistando nuestros dreams One Heel At A Time!


Photography @WilderAranibar

Stefani Gamboa


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